Spring cleaning – giveaway!


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Once the calendar turns to April, my urge to get spring started goes into  minor overdrive. And what better thing to do to motivate yourself to sort out the spring than to win a gift card to buy some new house odds and ends?

Winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Good luck!

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104 thoughts on “Spring cleaning – giveaway!

  1. To get into a truly Spring mood – I need a clean house. Ok, what else. Sofa is decidedly dark and winter like. Got rid of it. Blinds were never any good. Gone. Those are two things slashed from my to-do list and I am onward towards daffodils, bluebells and sunny skies.

  2. I clean the entire house from top to bottom and purge any items that have not been used within the past year.

  3. I take my son for big walks so we can see the trees changing and the weather improving! You know it’s a good walk when you can break out the sandals.

  4. To get myself in a spring mood I think of getting the yard ready for bbqs and back yard parties. Can’t wait!

  5. Remove all blankets and replace with new sheets and a new duvet. That works for me, coupled with a spritz of Dragonfruit – *blast*

    eva mitton-urban

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  7. I buy tulips and put them on my kitchen table where I can see them daily. The tulips make me happy and remind me of spring.

  8. I turn off the heat,open all the windows and air the house out, it gets a little bit chilly but we have sweaters :) and the kids and isit and plan what we are going to plant in our little garden…. truthfully we have never grownanything that the squirrels havent robbed before it was ready, but we have had funtrying lol :)

  9. Its usually the weather that puts me in the mood to start cleaning. If I look outside and its sunny and warm it makes me want to open all the windows and clean

  10. i like to clean up the house ,like wash the walls and go through closets and organize things to get me in the mood for spring,i also buy new clothes for spring for me and my kids

  11. I put away the “winter” coats and break out the spring jackets. Start wearing bright colors: green, yellow, hot pink!

  12. I love cleaning out the closet and switching out the winter clothes for the summer clothes….and putting the tights away. That’s the first step…

  13. I slowly start putting myself in a spring mood by opening up the windows more often to let the sunshine and fresh air in and, as the snow melts away and the weather warms up, I go on more and more walks. Nothing like warm sunshine, green grass and new flowers (especially crocuses) to really put me in a happy spring mood.

  14. I spend time in my garden looking at what’s poking through the ground — and watching the buds of my trees start to bloom.

  15. To get in a spring mood I start wearing spring colours. Even if it means wearing a nice springy top underneath a hoody.

  16. BBQ! And then it all falls into place. Once the snow melts that gets me into the mood of cleaning up the yard… Leftover leaves, etc.

  17. I start spring cleaning to get me in the mood! Washing walls in number 1! Then I start raking the yard a little at a time as the snow starts melting and patches of grass start showing

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