Put some spring in your step – giveaway! (US/Canada only)

I know that the advent of longer nights makes me stay up later – which is rough when the alarm still rings at 6:05am the next morning!

May’s giveaway is for a Starbucks gift card to put some (caffeinated) spring in your step…fingers crossed!

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67 thoughts on “Put some spring in your step – giveaway! (US/Canada only)

  1. Sharing a pot of fresh brewed coffee with my friends over a campfire puts spring in my step

  2. Starting the day with a fresh brewed Pikes Place and ending my work day with a Starbucks Kcup definately puts a spring into my step all day long and makes me look forward to the tomorrows for more Starbucks!

  3. Yay! The ever-successful contester that is you has turned to hosting contests! I’ve been trying to learn from you and have been trying to enter lots of contests and draws on a regular basis. Not yet at your rank of mastery of contests (nor do I have your dedication) and haven’t won anything yet, but I’m sticking with it and hope my luck changes soon (maybe with this contest?)

  4. Oops, forgot to answer the question. Seeing the grass turning green, the ozone smell after a spring shower and seeing spring flowers, like daffodils and crocuses (croci?), starting to bloom really puts a spring in my step.

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  6. Hearing the birds outside my window when I get up every morning at 4:00am. It makes me feel grateful and positive for the day.

  7. A hot and sunny day puts a huge spring in my step, and being able to just throw on light, casual clothes and flipflops makes it perfect.

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