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Hi – I’m Sunshine. I’m a mid-thirty-something with a desk job, a husband I love and an adorable blonde toddler who is walking, just learning to talk and is slightly fixated on her new friend Elmo. I have the usual challenges of childcare, working, and simultaneously being a wife and a mother and a good employee and trying to maintain ‘me’ somewhere in that hodgepodge. I’m juggling all of the things I want to do with paying the mortgage and  making sure we retire without having to be greeters at a big box store in our 70s. It’s a lot! This year is my year to figure out what I want to do when I grow up, and how to get there. It will also be a variety of ‘how-to’ info on how to accomplish some of the goals I have ticked off of my ‘to-do’ list. My strategy in general is ‘inch by inch, life is a cinch. Yard by yard, it’s very hard’.

Random facts about me:

*My favourite TV show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I could watch reruns over and over again. It formed part of my Masters’ thesis.

*I’m a kidney donor. This means that while I only have one kidney left, the other one has grown bigger and does more. I’m aware of my health in a way that I wasn’t before. I’m not an extremist with health, but small measurable changes are my schtick.

*People describe me as eclectic and charming. Kind of like a mad scientist but prettier.

*My husband and I have been married for five years. Our first date was him flying to England to meet me in grad school for a week.


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