Comic con – embracing the inner geek!

Lego Hulk

Photo credit to S Gudlaugson

Let your inner geek come out. In fact, set a spot at the table, make some really good British tea, and pull up a chair with a comfy cushion on it. Fan Expo Vancouver is here!

I am a sci fi fan. Who had never been to a comic convention. I wasn’t really aware of their existence, and for that, Now Me would like to go back to Then Me, and make myself aware! Yes, that is a photo of an enormous Hulk made out of Lego.

As someone who went to grad school to study science fiction, I thought I had cornered the market on geek. Let me assure you, I now realize that I’m a small player in the scales. There are people who are far more intense than I may ever be.There’s this gentleman, on his way to answer a call:

Light sabering


And a few Jedis in search of their people:

Comic con 003


But most importantly, I got to get a photo taken with James Marsters, Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who was a very important piece of my thesis.

Me from seven years ago would probably think this was the penultimate moment.


Inner geek, I commend you. Welcome to the mothership.




2 thoughts on “Comic con – embracing the inner geek!

  1. So I got a pic of the Mickey ears Darth Vader dude too, and posted it on my fb? And a buddy of mine recognized him and tagged him in it. He’s a lovely, nerdy fellow and said that the love he got for that costume made it worth wearing the miserable, sweaty thing all weekend 😀

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